June 28, 2013

Kakumeiki Valvrave Season 2 Confirmed

We'll be seeing season 2 of the hit mecha anime "Kakumeiki Valvrave" not this Summer but Fall of 2013. Kakumeiki Valvrave's imminent season ender will most likely be a cliffhanger judging on how episode 12 was delivered and of course fans will surely be outraged of this. The thing is, I've been liking the anime as well and I myself can't take another year or two if they won't release a follow up of it. Anyway check out the images of what to expect on Kakumeiki Valvrave Season 2 just past the break. It's not enough but it confirms that there will be another season of our beloved mecha anime.

It's good to see the five pilots back. We'll just need to wait this October so we can enjoy again the show...