April 13, 2014

Captain Earth Episode 1

They say it's good so I checked episode 1 of Captain Earth and it seems that they're overated this new anime again after seeing the opening debut of this spring anime. As far as I can say the anime doesn't have that 'surprise' factor. It's actually too main stream with the addition of "mysterious" characters.

March 18, 2014

Durarara!!! Season 2 Announced

One of my favorite anime series adapted from Ryohgo Narita's light novel series will finally have a second season after 4 years of the release of the first season. Announced during Dengeki Game Festival 2014, the anime will be produced by Studio Shuka (The first season was made by Brains Base) with the previous cast fulfilling their roles of the first season.

Sword Art Online Season 2 to premierre in July

Reki Kawahara's much anticipated anime/light novel is finally sure to be on screen this July as confirmed on one of the panels at Dengeki Game Festival 2014. The first season was very popular which aired last 2012. Prior to that, fans have been anticipating for the second season which is expected to be the continuation of what was left on the first season. Surely, Sword Art Online season 2 will pick off on what's next in the novel which will introduce the main protagonist Kazuto to a new game.

March 17, 2014

Ace of Diamond Episode 23

Sawamura starts pitching at the 5th inning after Furuya nailed a huge play against the batters of the opposing team. Clearly Sawamura is by far the most useful pitcher as the batters are being baited with ease from that explosive pitch. I'd love to see Sawamura pitch more and see him being highlighted in the anime. From the looks of it we'll be seeing more action from Furuya especially that the last scene shows us some hints that it's going to be a test of Furuya's blazing fastball.

New Fairy Tail 2014 anime returns with it's new PV

Hit manga and anime of Hiro Mashima, Fairy Tail is set to return after the anime has been discontinued a long time back. A new anime PV has been released on it's official youtube channel by Avex Group. The anime has been very much well received after it was aired back in 2009.

October 14, 2013

Kuroko No Basket Season 2 Episode 2

Hoping for an intense fight where we can see the abilities of Kagami's friend Tatsuya and Murasakibara but the match were suspended due to unexpected rainfall. But we still had a glimpse of Tatsuya's ability where Kagami himself can't even do a successful block. I'm still not sure if it's only limited when he's using it in a jump shot but the thing is it's completely OP if anyone can't guard/block it when he attempts to shoot.

October 13, 2013

Kyoukai No Kanata Episode 2

I think it would still take a while for Kyoukai No Kanata to speed up it's pace as episode 2 is another slow follow up of it's opener. Still, it's a nice watch as Kyoani's amazing animation is enjoyable and entertaining to see. The fights were really cool and I'd love to see another sword fight with the demons with the participation of the main casts.

Kuroko No Basket Season 2 Episode 1

Finally after a long wait of the much awaited second season we've finally seen the opener of the hit basketball anime, Kuroko No Basket. The second season had it's amazing opening song and the story continues to where it left of and that's for the upcoming winter tourney which where the known schools of the Generation of Miracles will participate.

October 12, 2013

Kyoukai No Kanata Episode 1

First I have to apologize as it took me a while for me to update the blog. I've been busy moving out of the province, job hunting and other all sorts of stuff so I didn't have time to my anime blog. But finally all is well now and I already had the job (well I'm still waiting for my contract and papers but they already offered me a position) and I can now update my anime blog again. Anyway, I didn't finish my anime reviews of the last season so I'm starting again my review this Fall. And first it's Kyoukai No Kanata - KyoAni's latest title this season!

August 22, 2013

Mushibugyo Episode 20

Kirigakure Saizou the leader of Sanada's Ten Crucifix confronts Hibachi domo. We can clearly see that the match-ups are partnered to the characters who resembles their style. In this case it's Hibachi-kun as both are ninjas. I was expecting that Kirigakure Saizou would easily defeat Hibachi-kun in a fight considering that he's a leader of the ten crucifix but Hibachi domo hold her ground and with the help of Jinbei he defeated Saizou using her newly learned techniques.

August 21, 2013

Hunter X Hunter Episode 93

It's been taking a while for the anime to progress and I think the same thing happens in manga too. Others have pointed out that the Chimera Ant Arc is the worst arc of the manga and I think I'm starting to believe them now. Episode 93 is about Gon having a date with Palm as Gon broke his promise to defeat Knuckle and Shoot and be part of Chimera Ant Extermination team.

Attack On Titan Episode 19

Too much flashbacks on a single episode, If you think that Team Levi's squad will confront the female titan then you're completely wrong with it. Most of the scenes in the episode are flashbacks of Eren when they're still preparing the expedition outside the wall. That's when Eren realized that transforming himself to becoming a Titan fails to some degree and they realize how to transform himself by focusing on a "goal". It may sound weird but, yeah, you got the point I think.