August 5, 2014

Attack On Titan Season 2 is currently in Progress

According to My Anime List News Forum, Attack On Titan Season 2 is currently on it's pre-production stage. The original source (crunchyroll) is written in foreign language which is hard for me to validate the news but given the credibility of MAL and the success of the first season of the show. It's obvious that the second season is coming without a doubt!

Attack On Titan: No Regrets Anime OVA announced

According to the 14th volume of Attack On Titan Manga, it's spin off manga titled Attack On Titan: No Regrets (Shingeki No Kyojin  Gaiden: Kuinaki Sentaku) will have an original anime adaptation which will be shipped on the15th and 16th Volume of the manga.

August 4, 2014

Mahou Shoujo Ore Anime in the Works

Probably one of the weirdest plot I've seen so far where to protagonists turned to a boy in a magical girl outfit. Crunchyroll summarized the key points of the upcoming anime "Mahou Shoujo Ore" and it appears that it's going to be one hell of a show. I'm actually not a big fan of Magical Girls but if this turns out to be a shonen-ish show that would beat the crap out of the antagonist then I might give this series a chance.

Kangoku Gakuen Anime Announced

Announced on Kangoku Gakuen's 14th Volume of the Manga that it will have an anime adaption with no specified date yet. Akira Hiramoto writes the story where 5 boys being admitted in an all girls school with the hopes of having a school life surrounded with ladies. Only to learn that they'll be living more of a prisoner life in the end. The show seems to have a pretty generic harem plot with lots of perverted and funny comedic situations which is popular toward adolescent male readers.

August 3, 2014

Aldnoah Zero Episode 5

Slein sneaked inside the Castle of Vers to confess about the 'conspiracy' but it backfired as the enemy anticipated it already and brain washed the King. In the end the cease fire was stopped and the War proceeds as the decree to take the earth by force. It appears that there's a lot to be uncovered in Slein's identity, say for example his father which was reference by Saazbaum as Dr Troyard. Or perhaps Slein's resemblance to the Royal Blood (Emperor, Princess Asseylum and Cruhteo).

Sword Art Online Season 2 Episode 5

Episode 5 and they're taking it really slowly. I was hoping a much better episode of Sword Art Online 2 but it disappointments me in a sense that there's less fighting in the Bullet of Bullets event of Kirito. I think for the entire episode only a portion of it is partitioned to Kirito displaying his amazing dodging and sword fighting skills. And a greater part was consumed to senseless chat with Sinon.

The Seven Deadly Sins Anime Cast Announce

Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine have announce the cast of Nakaba Suzuki's The Seven Deadly Sins Anime Adapation. The anime is to produced by A-1 pictures under the direction of Okamura Tensai (Darker than Black, Ao No Exorcist). The show will debut this fall in Japan...

Zankyou No Terror Episode 4

I like how Zankyou No Terror presents ideas and let the viewers know that each part is equally important in the events that will happen in the future. My theory is that the clues and puzzles that Shinx (Nine and Twelve) are leaving will then play a greater role in the future. I do not yet know on how it will execute but Shibazaki itself knows that these puzzles are symbolisms from what happened between Nine and Twelve in the past.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 5

Tsukiyama finally snapped and tried to kill Kaneki but he set up a more grand preparation before feasting him which is why Kaneki has been spared on the last episode. And because of that, he kidnapped Nishio's girlfriend, Kimi for Kaneki-kun to eat. Nishio after being beaten by Kaneki-kun lately was far weakened which is why he was not able to help much in the fighting. But what's more important in this episode which was highlighted is the story behind Nishio-kun's past.

August 1, 2014

Zankyou No Terror Episode 3

Nine and Twelve finally met their rival and it's the former Detective Shibazaki who is appointed again by the authorities to work on the terrorist attacks. The first 3 incidents (including the stolen plutonium) have alarmed the higher ups and having seen the "VON" sign suggests that it has something to do with an incident before which was not yet revealed yet. Shibazaki of course and the chief does have an idea with it. oli

Aldnoah Zero Episode 4

Episode 4 doesn't have that excitement compared to the first 3 episodes but Inaho showed another awesome tactical skills as he pinned down another kataphrakt who pursued them when they try to move to another location. Compared to the previous kataphrakt, this one is a little weaker as it only sports an enhanced armor and a weapon that can easily cut metallic objects (Just think of a light saber). 

Naruto Shippuden: "The Last" Anime Movie Trailer Announced

Announced a few days back of the upcoming trailer. "The Last" is now available for viewing of the latest trailer of the show. The movie is scheduled to air in Japanese Cinemas on December 6th and is known to have the participation of the mangaka himself - Masashi Kishimoto.