October 13, 2013

Kuroko No Basket Season 2 Episode 1

Finally after a long wait of the much awaited second season we've finally seen the opener of the hit basketball anime, Kuroko No Basket. The second season had it's amazing opening song and the story continues to where it left of and that's for the upcoming winter tourney which where the known schools of the Generation of Miracles will participate.

The visuals of the pretty boys are still the same but the animation seems to improve a little. Although most of the viewers won't notice it but I think there's some a bit of a change in terms of the movements of the players where the animators put more details into it.

The intensity though is a bit of a downer. Compared to the first season's opener the intensity is slid down, and I think it's because of the music. For some reason, the music in season 1 stands out compared to the new season. I think if they didn't changed it the effect would be the same but probably I could be wrong too. But anyway it's still just the first season and it's good to see new characters aside from the Generation of Miracles.

The new character was introduced and he has some history of Kagami, The next episode would probably reveal the abilities of Murasakibara and Kagami's brother from another mother - Himuro Tatsuya.