August 5, 2013

Attack On Titan Episode 17 - "Female Titan"

Episode 17 - Armin getting pursued by Female Titan

Episode 17 - Sasha Brauss getting away from a Titan

From the slow start ever since Eren patched up that wall, episode 17 of Attack On Titan suddenly went uphill and is one of the most heart pounding episode of the second arc of the show. Compared to how soldiers who fought the Titans inside the city the recon corps operate differently because their 3D Maneuver Gears are essentially less effective without high buildings to cling on. The main focus of the formation is how to avoid Titan confrontation to minimize damage. With the use of smoke flares to signal sightings of Titans, Commander Erwin redirect the troops to a more secure location to avoid troop casualties.

Everything seems to go according to plan, Titans getting outsmarted is the usual scenario here since according to the military they do not possess such intelligence. But everything suddenly changed when Armin and his team members spotted an unusual looking "Female Titan" that possess such intelligence.

Armin immediately knew the situation and theorized that it has a goal or something. And that goal is to get Eren for the purpose that is yet to be uncovered.

This is the creepiest thing ever and it almost gave me a heart attack. Titan doing a spider crawl to eat Sasha is intense!!!!!

A female Titan as theorized by Armin she kinda possess some kind of intelligence and is possibly a human controlled Titan similar to Eren. As seen here, the titan has some kind of awareness to it's surroundings without the instinct that normal titans had.

Jean, Armin and Reiner buying some time so Eren and the others can immediately accomplish their objective... The last scene is Reiner getting away from Titan's death grip! I though that this would be the end but Reiner's whirlwind slash is fck*** amazing!!!