July 7, 2013

Psycho Pass Season 2 Confirmed!!!

Announced on Anime Expo, Production IG CEO Mitsuhisa Ishikawa confirmed that a second season of Psycho Pass is now being ironed out and is now on the process of script development. Psycho Pass aired last 2012 and ended this March of 2013 on Fuji TV's NoitaminA block.

The series has been very successful for it's dark and action packed episodes in a society where everyone was judged and guided by their own "Psycho Pass" a measurement acquired by calculating a person's mental state, personality, intelligence etc. This "Psycho Pass" has been also applied in predicting a person's tendency to do crime where a "Crime Coefficient" is being used to subdue prospective criminals.

Season 1 of Psycho Pass was directed by Gen Urubuchi and has a total of 22 episodes...