May 26, 2013

Attack On Titan Episode 8

Gillete Blades!!!

Eren was alive after all and killed those Titans that are gathering in the supply tower. The big question now is how the heck did it happen? Are all of the titans being eaten alive can go back to their human form similar to Eren? Is it why the titans have a weak spot in the nape because there's a human being inside it? So far this opened up endless possibilities in the story and good thing I didn't read the manga before this episode aired.

Aside from Eren being brought back from the dead it's good to see the guys team up and work together without much problems. Their first battle was really terrifying and I think it was a great experience to them.

Again, it's another great episode. I advice anyone who plans to read the manga to hold on because it would suck more if you caught up with the latest chapter since it's being published once a month.

 Jean clenched his fist and realized how difficult the situation is, but he get back to his senses and decided to infiltrate the supply room.

This Titan got his finger cut by jean. I wonder if Titans feel any kind of pain.

A nice representation of different types of Titan. The 5M class titan are the ones who barged inside the supply room to prevent them in getting their fuel. From this alone, I think they have some kind of intelligence.

Eren Titan performing an Arm Lock. Titan get his face shoved in the ground. Check out how Eren Titan's built is chipped.

Kawaii-Titan dies today with Mikasa delivering the finishing blow. This Titan creeps me out!

And so they escaped and went through the main unit. Of course Mikasa and the main casts were left behind to see how Eren was ressurected.

Eren grew his limbs back. And that where the episode ends!!!