January 18, 2013

Zetsuen No Tempest 14 - "Mage of Exodus"

As suspected the Mage of Exodus was not really that destructive and doesn't really have that killer instinct. Because of that, the situation raised a couple of concerns and theories which makes the series more interesting. I didn't bet on the new anime which was and will be released this winter to be good and it appears that the previous anime shows who debuted last Autumn Season is a much better candidate as one of the best shows this season. And of course Zetsuen No Tempest is one of the shows that I'm talking too.

What I'm liking about the character designs of the characters here is the noticeable pink "blushes" just below the eyes. Aside from that the characters here have distinct characteristics known to them which complements to the story. Compared to the first arc, where most of the drama is centered to the bestriends, Yoshino an Mahiro. This time it will spread out between the two mages and best friends. Can't wait to see for the next episode to air.