January 19, 2013

Vintage Mobile Suit Gundam Playing Cards

Saw this on the boards of 2CH and I've been thinking what could be the price of these playing cards today considering that the Gundam franchise has been popular in Japan and some parts of the world. I've been an avid follower of "Pawn Stars", a television series where people go to a antiquities shop and start selling vintage/retro items. The shop owner(s) would then rate the item that the people were selling in huge amounts depending on how it was appraised by a professional. It was an interesting show and it reminded me on what could be the possible price of these vintage playing cards!

The condition of the cards were absolutely in top form. I'm no appraiser but in my experience watching the show this would be appraised highly. Any Gundam collector would be interested on this kind of stuff and it would sell like pancakes when auctioned! It would be nice to know if playing cards like these were manufactured on each anime of the gundam franchise as it would add a "collectability" factor so it would be easy to sell.