January 14, 2013

Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Film – “Unbelievably Awesome”

The last time I’ve played a sonic game was when I was a kid. I think that’s where I have a Pentium 3 PC and an installed emulator. I used to play it with my friends in SEGA GENESIS but when it broke down I have no choice and leave the cartridge eating dust in my room. It’s sad that there’s little to no games being released of the franchise and just when I heard this fan film in one of the Youtube recommendations I my initial thoughts is that it will be another sucky film devoid of good visuals. And good thing that I was wrong about it and could possibly be one of the best animated fan films online!

Compared to other fan-made films that I've seen the CG characters here are nicely done. Although it needs a couple of polishing when it comes to their movements, it was rendered amazingly! Aside from these Naruto fan made film, I highly recommend this too! I could have wished a full length film but I’m sure that this is just the start.