January 19, 2013

Robotics;Notes 13 - "Sexy Frau in Trouble"

The solar flares reminded me of the movie "2012" which is the main cause of earth's demise by emitting radiation that moved the surface of the earth. Robotics; Notes could have possibly used that concept on the 13th episode of the anime but with different effects. The action and mysteries have escalated quickly and I think it will intensify in the succeeding episodes. Frau has been my favorite ever since he appeared in the show and I think I'm liking her geeky side more.

It's disappointing though that we haven't seen her past history despite seeing a glimpse of her old self along with her mom in a completely different look. Instead, they put Frau in trouble and framed her of hacking robots that harmed humans in Tokyo. According to her social networking account "Twipo" (I think), She announced that she's responsible of the hacking which is of course entirely false! I felt sad for Frau for all the things happening to her. Let's hope that Kai can fix these things up...

Frau on her younger years.... How come she's blond now?