January 12, 2013

Robotics;Notes 12 - "Robots are Friends of Humans"

After a long wait Robotics;Notes is back! and is off with great start. As far as the story goes, everything is on track and I think the succeeding episodes will be very important in paving the climax of the story. Comparing it to Steins;Gate it is the part where the great Hyouin Kyouma starts changing the past so if you're strictly following the anime you better not miss any of the episodes for the coming weeks. Also they have the new opening and ending song which is really awesome!

The episode highlights Jun chan's traumatic experience of Robots which happened when she's a kid. Which explains why she developed a slight phobia of robots (I looked it up in the net and there's no such thing as exact phobia of robots but it's associated to Automatonophobia. Others say it's AIBOphobia but I don't trust Urban Dictionary

Nevertheless it's a great story and it showed the great relationship of Jun-Chan and Doc. I won't spoil you anymore and just watch it's a good mellow start.