January 15, 2013

Otakus Celebrate Mio Akiyama's Birthday

Today's a special day for most of the K-ON followers most notably to die hard fans of Mio Akiyama as she celebrates her birthday today. And as usual just like the rest of the members of Ho-Kago Tea Time they celebrate Mio's birthday with various offerings from the beautifully designed Mio Akiyama cake to ordinary pastries. To some, celebrating like these is weird especially to the rest of the world, but we all know, Japan is different so here we go again for the latest round of images of Mio's birthday celebration.

One last thing before we end here! I wish you a Happy Happy Happy!!!! Birthday Mio! I've missed your birthday last year so this time I'll buy myself something good to eat and have my otaku friends come over at my place to celebrate your special day! I just wish there's an anime event of some sort so fans can gather locally and celebrate as a group.