January 18, 2013

Naruto MMORPG Now A Reality!

Namco Bandai finally made it possible as a deal between Tencent Games was signed for the development of it's latest project - Naruto Online. An MMORPG scheduled to be released this 2013. The Naruto franchise  has spawned a couple of games in the industry but most if not all is targeted for console owners. With games having an Arcade Beat'em Up Style of gaming, MMO fans had left no choice but to wish for an mmorpg of the Title. Currently a couple of Naruto online games has been available but almost all of them are limited to crappy game play and inferior graphics which is not even close to the anime.

This time the waiting game has finally begun. Although the scheduled release is 2013, gamers are skeptical about the delivery date and it might take a long time before a stable version is achieved. The game will be published under Tencent's gaming portal game.qq.com which means that Chinese players will mostly experience the game first. The bad thing about it is that it might take a while for this Naruto MMORPG to be distributed for the rest of the world for settling issues of copyrights etc and other business related details. The case has been the norm for distributing other MMO titles unless one side agrees without protest to the deals of the company.