January 6, 2013

More Otaku Rooms Gallery! - Part 2

Last year we've posted a few sample shots of Otaku Rooms from popular BBS 2CH and once again we would like to post more additions of it here. I know a lot of readers here are curious enough to know what the rooms of their fellow anime fans and otakus look like and if you're looking for inspiration to design your own room then this would be the post that's most suitable for you. You'll get a lot of ideas from where to put your desktop PC and where to set your precious collection of figmas and wall illustrations.

I'm also quite surprised at the images as most keep their rooms clean. I myself can't maintain a room this clean with different sorts of items scattered all over the place. This made me decide to do a nice cleanup right after I made this post. So, I'll leave it to you then! and don't ask me for a snapshot of my room! It pales in comparison to what you guys see in this post.

Room Owner's Rich, how I wish I could own Apple products

this one's a military otaku

Aside from that we also got an anime version of these rooms from various anime fan artists and illustrators. You can check it out using this link.