January 21, 2013

Magi 15 - Kassim Vs Alibaba

And just when everybody thought that all went well when it comes to negotiations of the new republic of Balbhad. Kassim intervened again and started a revolution by making the people remember about the bad things they've experienced with the help of a metal vessel. For the first time Aladdin appeared again and started his journey in a different dimension when Ugo explained about the bad people reversing the flow of fate. Perhaps this commotion will end again with the help of Aladdin but I think it would take a while for it to happen as Kassim have transformed to a demonic creature.

It's also sad that Ugo's body can't be summoned again as explained by him as he attempted to use all his magoi. And since Aladdin is not the original master of Ugo, he can't do anything about it. Expect an action pack episode next week! For sure you'll be seeing some incredible explosions just to stop Kassim! This anime will definitely be interesting.