January 23, 2013

Kotoura Anime - "Chuunibyou Replacement"

Chu2Koi's probably one of the most amazing romance anime last season (and probably of the year 2012). And it's disappointing that it ended too soon, and if you still have "Chu2Koi Complex" running through your veins we have a remedy for that. It's called "Kotoura" one of the anime that air this winter in Japan. To story line may be different but believe me! It has a similar kick with regards to comedic relief and romantic punch of Chu2Koi. At the time of this writing the show only has two episodes so don't hassle yourself with a marathon and start watching now.

There's a certain uniqueness into it which reminded me of X-MEN because of the social status that the main heroine is struggling. Just to give you an idea, Kotoura-chan has the ability to read minds and she has no control over it. Her ability was discovered when she was a kid and because of that her friends and family treated her badly.

When she transferred on a different school she then met a young boy who treated her differently. The boy developed her feelings toward Kotoura but she's still hesitant and unsure of what she really feels toward him. There's some really cool and funny scenes - which I think everyone can really relate.