January 18, 2013

Beautiful Yuki Nagato Cosplay by Maridah

Finally I've found someone that fits the description of Yuki Nagato! Although missing the eye glasses I think no one could protest that Maridah is the most beautiful western cosplayer that portrayed Yuki Nagato of Haruhi Suzumiya Universe. My reaction when I saw a few of her pic is similar to Enji Night who made a stunning cosplay of Videl (you can find her here). Aside from an almost perfect Yuki Nagato cosplay, Maridah is also popular of doing different cosplay variations of Saber (Fate/Zero). And if you think that I'm over exaggerating check out a few of her pics just past the break.

All of the pictures here are from her personal website and a lot more pics that were not featured here can be found by going through this link.

I've told my readers before that Taylor Swift is the Perfect Saber. But seeing Maridah cosplay Saber, I have to say that she's a good candidate too!

Maridah cosplaying Mugi of K-On, He does lack the eyebrows though.