December 18, 2012

Spirited Away's "No Face" in Human Form

If you've been a Ghibli Fan and have seen a couple of their movies around the year 2000 chances are, you've seen the multi awarded "Spirited-Away" which was a big hit in Japan and abroad. With crazy ideas of characters one of the most simple yet stands out among the viewers is "No-Face" (aka Kaonashi). Although very plain, his participation in the movie was loved by fans and considered as one of the most prominent icons in the anime movies made by Ghibli. If you cherish No-Face and want to see a different look of him then you might be amazed to this gallery prepared by the fans. Now you'll be able to see him in his Human form.

Otakus of 2ch are raving about it. I think No-Face's influence among the community is really something. This has been floating around in Japanese twitverse and since most of the readers here are Ghibli Fans then it deserves to be featured here too. Credits to the owners of the artwork...