December 12, 2012

Gen Urobuchi's "Gargantia" Most Anticipated Anime of 2013?

Gen Urobuchi Gargantia

Update 04/08/01: Suisei No Gargantia Episode 1 finally released

Japanese scriptwriter Gen Urobuchi has been in the spotlight on recent days as his latest "Gargantia: On the Verdurous Planet" has been unveiled. Gen Urobochi has been a well known persona in the anime industry because of his notable works, Madoka Magica and Fate / Zero which was well received by Otakus around the Globe.

The upcoming project has been in the hot seat right now not just because of Gen Urobuchi alone but for reasons that the staff working on the show are high profiled individuals, namely Hanaharu Naruko for the art and Kazuya Murata (Full Metal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos) for directing the show.

Although it's still too early to judge if the anime will be a success they've already released some stunning character designs on their official site which was criticized with amazement.

Let's see if Gen Urobuchi's amazing talent will propel this Title to popularity in the future. I have big trust on him delivering another amazing feat, it will be an amazing 2013 again.