October 22, 2012

RJ's 11 Stunning Prehistoric Pokemon Redesigns

These past days I've been mostly writing anime news instead of doing extensive research of finding amazing anime galleries over the internet. I've been very busy w/ other matters so my time spent online was cut to  half so apologies for not giving you some eye candy for the past days. Anyway I know most of you here are big fans of Pokemon whether we're talking about the game and anime. In fact one of the most popular pages here in Aniplogs is the very gothic Tim Burton inspired pokemon designs.

And if you've been pissed w/ the latest move by PETA (w/ it's ridiculous claim that pokemon promotes animal abuse) then I think it's time to cool off a bit by checking these stunning pokemon redesign made by RJ Palmer. If you love Prehistoric figures, Dinosaurs or whatsoever then this gallery will make you feel good.

I've wished he made more of this art in the future but for the mean time only 11 dinosaurs pokemon have been made. You can encourage RJ to do more of this stuff by leaving a message to his DA account and tumblr page