October 18, 2012

25 Amazing Soda Can Art that Would Blow your Mind

We're not talking about paintings and abstract art here, in fact it's step above the usual art work where soda cans from your diet coke to men's favorite beer where used to sculpt figures of shapes and sizes. At first it's hard to believe that it's made of those tin moldable cans that you drink due to the fact that it's hard to shape it the way you like but checking out these amazing figures at close inspection made me realize that it is indeed made out of metal. Even the anons of 2ch where amazed by it.

Soda Can Art is the term I coined for these since it's my first time seeing a bunch of these. If you happen to know the right phrase for these then you can put it in the comment section so we can make some changes.

I've tried doing origami paper crafts and I think it's a pain in the fingers as well in my brain to follow instructions. I totally suck on things like this, I'm sure making one of these requires a lot of effort from drafting the design to streamlining the shape and figure.

Among the batch of these soda can artworks, these Mario and Luigi figure is my favorite. Reminds me of my childhood a lot. The detail of how it was crafted was top notched too.