September 11, 2012

Sword Art Online Gallery - Pictures and Random Images

Kirito and his former guild mates - Moonlit Black Cats
My favorite Sword Art Online episode so far! Though I was expecting something to happen on the 10th episode it was still the best by far compared to it's previous series airings. Anyway I've been inspired to collect images online to release my built-up tension of Kirito's stupidity. I'll be happy to spend the night with Asuna if it happened to me. I'm now curious if the case is very different from the light novel series and check out if something really happened between them.

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I'm a big fan of Asuna. You'll notice that majority of the pics are focused toward her. It can't be avoided, her cuteness is too much.

I'm still baffled with this art below. I kept seeing several of these in the communities. LIGHTSABER!

I'm expecting this thing to happen in the next episode :)

The anime is actually from Wagnaria (Working) You'll see the resemblance of Asuna and Yachiyo especially if she wears the red and white uniform :) Love this one!