August 23, 2012

Totoro's Bus Stop Parody Gallery

One of the most popular scene in the movie is when Totoro accompanied Satsuki and Mei on the Bus Stop and since then a lot of parodies have been made to recreate the stuff. I researched a bunch of these images online and it turns out that I got a handful of good stuff that you'll be liking to check out. Apologies for not putting up the source, it's not mine, but in case you found your work here please don't hesitate to contact me so I can give credit to your work.

You might also be interested on checking out this article of Totoro being a God of Death. I warn you that it might ruin your childhood but it will entirely depend on you if you'll believe it or not. Anyway here's the rest of the gallery that I'm talking to... Enjoy!

Ha this one has the most parody, Pikachu, Doraemon, Astroboy, Ultraman and is that Godzilla? The only thing that I do not know is the boy in cap.

Ace and Luffy! Now who's the big guy?!? Sorry but I do not watch One Piece

Tachikoma and some Robot! Who's this guy anyway!

Another Pokemon Parody, Gengar and Ash!?

The Next One's Creepy! Hmmmm Perfect for Halloween!

No Totoro! But you're still accepted!

Uuuhhh! Crap! I need to watch some anime! I do not know most of they guys here

Is that an umbrella or a Death Scythe?

Toguro, He's actually god he's just power hungry.

That's all I can get! I hope you enjoyed it!