August 1, 2012

Japanese Bento Box - Delicious to Outrageously Cute

Ever heard of a Bento Box? It's like a traditional lunch box on western countries but for the Japanese it's a lunch box fully packed with different kinds of foods inside. Typical lunch boxes includes rice, a single viand or two but Bento boxes are jammed with different kinds of dishes. You can buy a Bento box in a store but others prefer it home cooked. The cool thing about these Japanese Bento Boxes is that most that are prepared at home are cutely styled to the point that it's hard for someone to eat it.

I'm not too sure if there's already a term for Bento Box styling ala Origami is to paper art but it's good if we can coin a term for it since they're just too cool to be called as 'Bento Styling'. That's absolutely lame for something that I think everyone will consider to be an art form. Anyway here's a nice gallery of Japanese Bento Boxes that I compiled online, Hope you guys like it.

Above is our mascot - Totoro kun! and I think those skewed goodies are really delicious. The one below is styled noodles garnished with vegetables, It's rare for me to see a bento box mainly comprised with noodles.

I've seen a lot of anime shows where a girl prepares Bento boxes for their couple. I've seen them styled like a face or something but seeing Bento Boxes like these in real pictures makes me hungry to the point that I imagine where my girlfriend will make one for me :)

Pink Rice, some corn and fried chicken nuggets! Delicious! Overlapping Kuma's are tempting me to eat them! 

Totoro is superbly popular that they're one of the favorite anime characters to be used in styling Bento Boxes. For the second time he's been here again smiling and mocking anyone who'll open the lid.

I think the next one's for a baby... It's nice to see Mario's growing mushroom lost in someone else's kitchen. I think they're tomatoes topped with cheese.

Kyubey in Sushi Rolls!! I'll eat you Kyubey! No contract this time! 

Like Totoro, Pedo bear  Rilakkuma is also popular. Great to be served for kids cause they like cookies.

At first, I thought it's a Pokemon but a closer look made me think twice. I believe it's a Kappa, a river monster popular in Japan. If you've watched several anime series I know you've encountered him. The last two is of course Pikachu. I like the second pic because it's a unique concept something that is out of the ordinary for a Bento Box Design.

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