July 22, 2012

Real Life Goro Shigeno from the anime "Major"

When it comes to Baseball nothing interests me than watching anime than the actual sport. Speaking of which, you'll be seeing a video about a high school boy that throws similar blazing fast pitches like Goro Shigeno from the anime Major. If not similar this guy named Shohei Otani, just surpassed Goro Shigeno and even the pros as he made a stunning 160km/h (99mph) pitch in a high school match!

For sure Shohei Otani is now under the radar from Major League Scouters! This guy is no joke, he's a high school player but he can match the pros in terms of  pitching speed. The first throw was a 159kph followed by 157kph second throw but the third one surpassed his record making it a 160kph strikeout finish on the 6th inning.  Shohei Otani's body and potential is still undeveloped and is surely paved for a bright future if he chose this path. Sadly they lost the game against their opponents.