July 4, 2012

Install an Evangelion (SH-06D) Theme on your Android Phone

The latest Android Handset from Sharp having the Evangelion Brand gained so much popularity with only limited number of units manufactured for production. If you planned grabbing one of the new evangelion smartphone but you've been restrained with your budget then you might be interested tweaking your android phone to adapt their cool-looking user interface which I believe is the biggest selling point of the phone. A tutorial below will guide you on how to make a clone of the UI.. so make sure you don't miss any steps or else you're dead.

Go to this webpage first as a reference and use Google Translate to put it into English. After that Follow the instructions below. The video above will also help you clarify the steps in case you're having trouble with the instructions.
  1. Download the ADW.Launcher and Glaeja application from the Play Store. (Go Launcher EX - free! - might also work, but this uses ADW)
  2. Near the bottom of the page are two download links: "Glaeja Skin," and "Material" for me. Unzip eva-wido.zip and move the folder to the root of your phone, and also move the Eva480.zip to the root.
  3. Open up ADWSettings>Theme Preferences>Main Dock>Custom: Then find the eva-wid folder/images, and choose the dock image. (Just look at the images in the folder to get a better understanding.)
  4. ADWSettings>UISettings>Screen Prefs: Set Desktop Columns to 4; Desktop Rows to 5
  5. Long click the phone icon, launcher icon, browser icon, twitter icon, etc. > edit > icon picture > select picture: then find the corresponding picture in the evo-wid folder. (There's not a whole lot of selection.)
  6. Set your background to the magi-4.jpg in the eva-wid folder.
  7. Open up Glaeja>3rd Choice: Make Sure the tick mark is checked.
  8. Open up Glaeja(or press back)>4th Choice>1st Choice>select the evo-wido.zip, then press the first left choice (would be OK in English) Then this should pop up (インポートが完アした) indicating that the import was successful.
  9. Long press on the home screen>widgets>glaeja: (To get the skin, click the widget, press menu, then the one with the upload icon.
    • 4x1, 2evo12.skin
    • 1x1, 2evo1.skin
    • 1x1, 2evo2.skin
    • 1x1, 2evo3.skin
    • 1x1, 2evo4.skin
    • 3x1, 2evo5.skin
    • 2x1, 2evo6.skin
    • 1x1, 2evo7.skin
    • 2x1, 2evo8.skin
    • 1x1, 2evo9.skin
    • 3x1, 2evo10.skin

Source: Reddit Via Octoba