May 14, 2012

When Real Babes and Lolis are Turned to Anime

Real to Anime 1
Skilled artists of 2ch just made an animazing feat by showing what they're capable of - turning real babes (and lolis) to their anime version.

Probably I'm more than light years away to achieve such mastery despite the hardships I've done practicing how to draw anime on paper. I desperately need apprenticeship to a master who knows how to do this! And yes before I forget! Images are clickable for you to enjoy the works of art in high resolution.

Real to Anime 2

Real to Anime 3

Real to Anime 4

Real to Anime 5

Real to Anime  6

Real to Anime 7

Real to Anime 8

Real to Anime 9

Starts with Loli ends with Loli :)

Real to Anime 10
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