May 31, 2012

Steins; Gate Review

Update 02/02/2013: Steins; Gate Movie has already been dated and as announced by Kadokawa Shoten

So here's my review of the anime Steins; Gate! If you noticed, my review this time is kinda different. Instead of writing down my review in paragraph format I just listed the important points in numbered layout. I was actually having a hard time writing a review so pardon me for my stupidity. I realized that It's much better if I put my review this way cause it's much easier to read and I don't need to worry about structuring. So yes, here you go and happy reading.

  1. The anime started (paced) slowly, In fact I was bored at the first few episodes and I don't understand the whole plot until it reached halfway of the show. The preparations in making it awesome took a long time to develop before it make sense.
  2. The conversation of the characters among themselves have a lot of geek speak, this is a bad point for the viewers of the anime who's not well versed to the internet or is new to anime culture. But if you've already spent a lot of your time hanging out in the internet you'll most likely get used to the humor of the show.
  3. Great Characters! you'll see different variations, A mad Scientist, Hacker, Phone-mail addict, Bishounen a Moe etc. They're very unique and they absolutely complement each other's shortcomings. 
  4. Despite being paced slowly it pays off when you're halfway of the show. It started to become very emotional and you'll definitely get engaged to the drama happening. Note that the drama that I want to portray here is about relationship and not just another bullshit that you watch in a romantic movie
  5. The concept of Time Travel is very deep and complex but the anime described it  well without introducing complicated formulas. You don't need to be a genius to understand the anime in fact you'll learn a lot from it! Perfect for kids who wants to be a scientist. Also some of the conspiracy theories described in Steins; Gate is very realistic - At some point I was wondering if it could have happen.
  6. This is a no nonsense anime and everything worked perfectly at the end. Each of the characters have a story tell that contributes to the beautiful story of the series. WATCH IT! You won't regret it!

Steins; Gate could have been perfect but I noticed a couple of things that needs to be noted. If you're planning to watch the series then it's better if you'll concentrate to the list below for you to enjoy the whole series.
  1. As I mentioned on the 2nd point on the list above, there's too much conversation of geek/internet speek. It's not absolutely a drawback but viewers who are not familiar with the terminology may find themselves questioning on what's funny about the scene.
  2. The anime is slowly paced, I think you need to watch the first 6 episodes or even up to episode 8 for the tension to build up.
  3. I think this is better suited for kids ages 15 - Up, not really sure but as long as the viewer have interest in Sci-Fi like MIB or John Carter then you're ready for Steins;Gate.
So that's my review for Steins; Gate! I need some inputs if you want it to be the usual anime review or if you want my future reviews to be on this format. I hope you like it! :) Anyway here's a list of anime review that I've written if you want to check out my other articles.