May 21, 2012

Soul Eater's Justin Law Earphones - How To Guide

The popular Exorcist of Soul Eater known for being classy and cool! If you adore his sense of Fashion without the priest-like look then you better check out this How To Guide in making a pair of earphones as you see in the image. You'll be surprised that it's relatively easy and cheap compared to what's being sold online! Just make sure to not use a high class beats ear plugs cause if you mess up it would cost you a lot.

If you're looking for polymer clays in the Philipppines I found one selling online. Here's the link, they provide workshops too but if you're just interested about the materials you can check it at the bottom of their page. This is pretty cool stuff on what you can do about polymer clays :) You could probably customize everything with it and pattern it out on any anime goodies and not just Justin Law's earphones. Anyway here's the finished product after you're done with the whole process.

Source: A very big thanks for Crow Maiden