August 15, 2011

Slam Dunk Anime Review

Not a fan of sports anime but when it comes to slam dunk then it's a different side of story. The fact that I've been interested in playing basketball when I was a kid is because of this anime. And it's not because I was just a kid who likes every single Anime that I've watched but because the Anime is extremely good as well.

One of the biggest assets of the Anime is the natural humor of the characters and the good chemistry that each of them plays. Setting aside the characters, the story is also a top notched, the anime is missing several pieces if you'll read the original manga but that's not a definite fact to hate the anime. It's probably much better if it was completed as part of the series but removing it in there doesn't make it inferior.

I would say that the story is paced really slowly and it would take a couple of episodes to like it. It's safe to say that you need to patiently watch 13 continuous episodes for anti-sports anime to like it and let the natural humor kick in. Sakuragi Hanamichi is the main character of the show and if you're a basketball fan then you might seen some resemblance to the popular NBA superstar, Dennis Rodman as the anime progress. Other characters are definitely appealing and the way it shaped the anime was never been good if Rukawa Kaede, Hisashi Mitsui, Miyagi Ryota, Akagi Tekonori didn't exist.
The escalation of daily episodes is a joy to watch. The climax of their main matches is nevertheless exceptional, from the time that you watched their opening battles is the time where you will crave on what will happen to the next episode. It's unpredictable unlike other animes which you will know their ending because of the repetitive nature. What might frustrate you is the animation itself which is presented in old school fashion but you won't be noticing how bad it was compared today's work because the overall goodness of slam dunk carries it well. If a reboot or a continuation of the anime is made then there's no doubt that it will definitely top the charts again. Let's just hope that they will continue the anime series if there will come a chance. Slam dunk earns a 9.3 out of 10 in this anime review, it's a must watch that you definitely don't want to miss.